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Expert cleaning and maintenance services in Melbourne

We deliver a comprehensive range of speciality cleaning and maintenance services to homes and businesses across Melbourne. Our speciality services can be delivered as a one-off or in addition to our regular office cleaning services. Because we’re committed to our responsive, reliable service, you can book many of our speciality services only a day or two in advance.

Commercial Steam Cleaning

Rs Property Management provides commercial carpet cleaning to effectively remove the dirt, dust, and stains that result from everyday foot traffic. Our specially trained carpet cleaners use the cleaning method of hot water extraction, this will help to extend the life of your carpets whilst improving the overall look and feel of your facility. Cleaning solutions are injected deeply into the carpet at high pressure and stains are instantly extracted. The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend that their carpets be cleaned using hot water extraction since this process prevents fibers from shrinking and also removes stains well. Steam, on the other hand, is best avoided when it comes to stains because it sets them in permanently. Some cleaning companies use steam to clean synthetic carpets and often believe that it makes for better cleaning.

In commercial and office environments, it does not take long for dirt, odors, bacteria and unattractive stains to build up. We can provide carpet maintenance services tailored to the requirements of your facility and operating hours. Whether you require quick-drying or after-hours carpet care, a one-off clean or an ongoing contract, we provide innovative cleaning solutions with all the latest technology, products and training to leave your carpet looking, smelling and feeling fresh and clean.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in communal areas is important to the general health and wellbeing of a building’s occupants.

Grout Cleaning

Our latest equipment and trained team uses the steam cleaning in removing all dirt and mould build up from grout in tiles.

Kitchen Unit, Floors and Tiles Cleaning

Our team uses steam cleaning in removing all dust and grease that build-up kitchen units, floors, and tiles.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Boost the appearance of your home or business, inside and out! Windows that are cleaned professionally look fantastic and puts the finishing touch on your home or business. While most companies just wet your glass and squeegee it dry, We have a third process which involves scrubbing the glass. This removes the build-up of tree sap, mulch spores, and bird droppings etc. that sticks to the glass. This leaves your windows looking not only cleaner, but most of our customers agree it helps them stay cleaner longer.

Rs Property Window Cleaning team are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed. We use latest technology to clean out side windows called water fed pole system. It is a practical, safe and cost-effective answer to window cleaning.

Floor Restoration

Mechanical Scrubbing

For floors that undergo a high amount of foot traffic, We recommend mechanical scrubbing for hard to remove grime, grease and dirt found indoors. We can treat all floor types used in any area.


As well as buffing floors, We offers burnishing for polished floors with a brighter shine. The high speed of our burnishing machines delivers a fast and effective clean and an immaculate finish.

Strip and Sealing

At Rs Property management, we guarantee to take care of any surface and make an old floor sparkle. We have perfected Hard Floor Stripping & Sealing over the last 4 years. The process consists of 4 steps:

1. Stripping: The floor is stripped to remove all old sealer and build-up of dirt and stains
2. Neutralizing: The floor is neutralized to remove any remaining residue and stripping chemicals
3. Sealer: The new sealer is then applied to the dry floor and allowed to set.

Our cleaners are equipped with the latest technology and have undergone training with the manufacturer or provider to ensure safe and efficient use of all equipment.


We are committed to proving a high quality, affordable and ecofriendly solution to your commercial and residential exterior maintenance needs. Using the best and latest commercial-grade equipment, we’ll remove all traces of dirt, debris and mould from your outdoor pavers, bricks and concrete, giving your outdoor space an instant facelift and saving you hours of work. We are driven and motivated to make your building shine like the day that it was first built.

Disinfecting Service

Rs Property’s environmental cleaning for COVI-19 utilizes hospital-grade disinfectant with viricidal properties. We use forgers or mist sprayer to remove the germs and bacteria from surfaces. No matter your organization type, cleaning can be customized to your specifications, in keeping with best practice recommendation for health provider cleaning. We follow leading health service recommendations, with cleaning regimens that include horizontal surfaces, any walls that are visibly contaminated and frequently touched items (e.g. door handles, handrails, counters, tables, desks). Where risks are increased, such as in suspected/confirmed outbreak situation, our specialist cleaning team fully appropriate PPE, including a hazmat suit, gloves, and eyewear & mask or full-face respirator.

The team at Rs Property like all businesses and the general public faces many challenges. We are an accredited specialist in risk mitigation for the disinfecting and sanitizing of all surfaces to avoid infection of COVID-19

We are,

  • Trained teams with Systematic accredited approach in mitigation risk at commercial and domestic levels
  • Issuing workplaces with a certificate of disinfecting & sanitizing
  • 24/7 rapid response teams to sanitize effective areas

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require information.