Always Innovating

We constantly upgrade cleaning tools, equipment, Products and methods to provide efficient cleaning services to meet client’s expectations.

Smart management software

We have invested in a management software compatible with smartphones and mobile devices, the system enables us to keep track of our crew’s time cards and the quality standard. Our smart technology identifies trends in our performance before our clients do. With this smart technology, our cleaning staff, maintenance personnel, and facility managers can take advantage of intuitive digital templates to ensure that cleaning duties are being done on time, and in accordance with SOPs. This will definitely improve our overall service delivery process.

Hot vapor molecules system

Steam cleaning has become the preferred cleaning method for most commercial industries, especially medical establishments, and there are plenty of reasons why. Unlike traditional cleaning methods that can do more harm than good, steam cleaning has amazing benefits for you, your staff, and clients.

We use commercial grade high-temperature steamer to deep clean below the surface and effectively lift built-up dirt and grime like other cleaners can’t. These vapor molecules are so hot that they are able to kill germs, allergens, viruses, and bacteria even the strongest pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella from your property’s surfaces.

Wireless vacuum

We always trial new technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. The Pacvac’s Superpro battery 700 Advanced solves the problems of floor vacuum systems by delivering a superior combination of manoeuvrability, efficiency and productivity. Batter-powered backpack vacuum saves time and money and also ensure life safety.

  • Freedom to move
  • Faster Vacuuming
  • Light weight and effortless
  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Ensure life safety
  • Clean up to 3 times faster

IMop Scrubber

We always trial new technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. I-mop is the latest technology for floor moping. The revolutionary IMop scrubber has massive advantages when compared to manual mopping. Increase floor durability  Reduce chemical and water usage  remove more surface soil than traditional mop minimize foot traffic disruptions,  reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries

Disinfection Fogger

Sprayer When it comes to disinfecting surfaces and objects, traditional wet wiping tends to be the first methods that come to mind. Wet wiping can involve harmful cleaning chemicals and also In some certain cases, the traditional method is not practical. Specially cleaning large spaces and some certain spots or objects that hard to reach, can be a challenge. That’s where electrostatic spray technology comes in handy